Guilty Pleasure Movies

There's a movie playing recently on the Oxygen Channel that I really like. The TV selection thingy gives it 1.5 stars which is pretty bad and most people I've talked to don't like it but 10 Things I Hate about You has always moved me. Awwww.

I first saw it 6 years ago soon after I moved here to NC. The apartment complex I moved into had a free community movie night once a week and they provided a movie (DVD) in their entertainment center (small movie screen plus theatre style seating!) along with popcorn and soda.

Well, one week it was 10 Things I hate about You, a teen romantic comedy style movie that I'd normally avoid--but it was free and I wasn't doing anything. So I went. And oddly enough I was quite taken with the movie.

Sure, it's got all the standard cliches, but for some reason they worked for me in this movie. Maybe it's Julia Stiles who's cute as the dickens in this movie playing the alienated teen in a very bitchy way (that's her to the left) or maybe the Australian accent the male lead has--who knows? It's certainly not the plot. Anyway, I watched it the other night and nearly got trapped watching it again today. I have to steer clear of the Oxygen Channel for a while, I guess.

And, of course, no list of bad movies I like would ever be complete without mentioning Highlander. One of the best movies ever made--though many will disagree with that evaluation. There can be only one!

So to turn things back over to y'all, what "bad" movies do you like to watch (and maybe even watch over and over)?


rennratt said…
Every time I see Overboard on tv, I must stop and watch.

Even though it was filmed in the 80s. Even though I own the video.

It's simply awful, and I LOVE it.

I also love Bill and Ted.
kenju said…
I like the old Mummy movies and Sherlock Holmes with Basil Rathbone. Don't find them on too often, though.
Teresa said…
My favorite bad movie is Scorchers. If you look it up, it's not hard to figure out why, but watching it will give you the best insight. It truly is a BAD movie, but I watch it -- or parts of it as I rarely sit through the whole thing -- periodically. :-)
Ciera said…
Spaceballs...Men In Black, both movies...anything with that lame space humor just cracks me up...
Carmi said…
Julia Stiles...what's not to like?

I'm a huge fan of Top Gun. I know, I know, it's the most hackneyed form of jingoism known to humankind. And it's rife with cinematographic errors, so much so that it's almost a trip in itself to look for them as you watch.

And watch I do. I think my DVD is beginning to wear out.

Maybe Michele will loan me hers!
tiff said…
Highlander is NOT a bad movie! No!

Star Wars Epi IV. Some would say it's a great movie, but it's really not. the story is OK, the special effects were mind-blowing back in the day, but the acting? Oy! Still, I watch.
shpprgrl said…
That bad movie is one of my favorites too. (I think it's listed on my profile even though it's a junior high type movie!) I even have the soundtrack. I liked Heath, and the accent.

I usually always like the bad ones. And don't like the good ones. :)

Michele says hi.

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