fuel mileage and food critics

Over the weekend I read a book by Ruth Reichl. She's the editor of Gourmet and she used to be the food critic for the New York Times. The book, Garlic and Sapphires, is about her tenure as a food critic and the antics she needed to go through to ensure she didn't get special treatment while reviewing a restaurant.

Her main tactic was to adopt a costume with a demeanor to match it--and this book describes the inspiration for those costumes as well as how they affected her and her experiences at the restaurants. After each rendition of the background, Reichl goes on to excerpt her NY Times restaurant reviews so the reader can see how things came out. She also includes her own recipes for a number of the dishes that she discusses in the book--there's two recipes that I intend to try out.

This is a very interesting tale and while I think she might have embellished here and there, I really liked the book. I recommend this book to anyone interested in food, restaurants, or the way that critics approach their jobs. One thing though--this woman definitely had a lot of issues to iron out! Where's a therapist when you need one, huh?

On my way home from SC on Monday I filled up my Hyundai for the first time. I got a bit better than 34mpg. Of course those were all highway miles, though mostly at high speed so the advantage over city driving isn't as much as it could have been, so I won't know my tue mileage until I fill up next time. The trip computer tends to be giving values in the 32mpg - 33.5mpg range so the Elantra is going to be a lot less expensive to keep running than my truck was. It typically got just over 27mpg--not bad for a truck but this car is around 30% better. Since the gas tank of the Elantra holds 14.5 gallons, it'll go almost 500 miles on a tank!


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