Weekend Movies

I watched 3 movies on DVD this weekend--well, actually 4 but one was only to counteract the effects from one of the original 3.

The first movie my girlfriend and I watched was The Tao of Steve. We both liked it a lot. Donal Logue, who stars in the movie, has long been a favorite of mine. In this movie Donal plays Dex, an underachiever who's developed a philosophical justification for why his life never moved forward after college and which incidently can also be used to pick up--but not keep--women. As the character is written, Dex should be a nasty piece of work but somehow in the movie he comes across as sweet if a bit misguided. As you might guess, the movie starts at a point when Steve and his philosophy of life are challanged by a woman who doesn't fall for his game. The movie is well written and well acted. Give it a shot!

The Date Movie was the second movie we watched Friday night. It's a parody of date movies and it's not afraid to name names. There's constant references to other movies as well as broad comedic references to the date movie genre like what Airplane did for or to the disaster movies of the 70s. This could have been a very funny movie. It wasn't. It stunk to high heaven! Avoid this movie! The only saving grace was the presense of Alyson Hannigan (who is just so cute)!

Hitch was the third movie. We watched it on Saturday night. I think most people are familiar with it. It starts Will Smith as a consultant who coaches nervous men with ways to approach the women they want to meet. We both liked the movie, especially Will Smith who executed the role quite well. Renee, however, was unduly affected by the theme of "the perfect relationship" so I played Shrek afterwards to clear her mind. For me, Shrek illustrates the nitty-gritty aspects of relationships quite well. Date movies in general are of the search for the perfect mate variety, whereas the movie Shrek preaches that you love despite appearances. That makes Shrek a good antidote to the message given by the first 3 movies that we watched.

By night one way, by day another
This shall be the norm
Until you find true love's first kiss
Then... take love's true form.

I get all choked up just reading those lines. *sniff, sniff*


Claire said…
I love Shrek and Hitch both great films. I've not seen the other 2 though!
used*to*be*me* said…
I love Shrek. And II wasn't bad either. Hitch was okay but not my personal fav. I've not seen the other two yet. Tonight I'll be watching Pride & Prejudice with the pre-anoriexic Keira Knightley.
Michelle said…
I love Shrek :o)

Dave, i have been "Smacked"!!
I liked "Hitch" though I understand what yiu are saying...."Shreck" I have never seen all the way through....And I've not only never seen the other two, but I never heard of them either! How did you happen to rent those two films? Had you read sometbing about them? It is amazing to me how money is raised for certain films--when I know how very very hard it is to make a fiom and even harder to make a successful film! Lord! One wonders...!
Utopia said…
You're down-right lovable! (no need to publish...)
utenzi said…
Now why wouldn't I publish that, Utopia? I need all the good press I can get!

Great job, Michelle. Getting a score of two is damn good.

Shrek is one of my favorite animated films but I didn't like Shrek 2 very much.

Naomi, I liked Hitch quite a bit. Maybe I wasn't clear about that in my review.
Michelle said…
Loved your comment over at it2much...you crack me up!! I think those gals like you a lot!
Teresa said…
I'll second the comment about you being lovable. ;-) Other commenting is best done in private... or maybe not.
Nancy said…
I have only seen Shrek and it's cute and fun to watch. They have the best soundtrack. Yes, those words are sweet.
utenzi said…
Michelle, you know how much I like you.

Teresa, I don't know quite what to say. However I will mention that the lovable thing is really not there. I'm mean!

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