catching up

It's been a while since I've posted. Sorry! I'll catch y'all up on my life.

Truck: My truck has been on the fritz lately. I thought it was a clogged fuel filter but I guess my troubleshooting skills aren't that good. It turned out that my engine block isn't getting hot enough. When they ran diagnostics on it, the chip indicated that it was 185f instead of the 215f it should have been running at. However, when the mechanic actually measured the temp he found that it was only 150f. No wonder the damn thing was skipping so much--in the world of car engines, mine was acting like a refrigerator! Too cold a running temperature results in incomplete combustion. It must have been a recent problem since I had just had my emissions check 4 weeks ago and it was fine then. Incomplete combustion of the gasoline would have been caught on the test.

All those diagnostic tests took a long time since they needed a constant and hot running engine so I was there for 5 hours by the time it was all finished. I had the cooling system flushed and a new thermastat thingy put in at a cost of $130.

Will this solve the problem? Even the mechanic was doubtful so probably not. However he can't do anything to troubleshoot until the engine thermastat is working--and it might just be some gas/air mix thing which the engine bases on the thermastat. Who knows?

House: I'm sleeping in my living room due to my girlfriend and her damn dog. One or the other has infested my house with fleas and the bedroom is by far the worst room. I've sprayed several times and while it's improving, there's still too many in the bedroom for me to sleep there. And since that's where my computer is, I've not been posting to my blog! Renee insists the fleas are from the dog, but I have my doubts. Renee scratches her head a lot...

Lab/Work: everyone is trying their best to drive me insane. So far I'm resisting, but I feel my resolve weakening...


No_Newz said…
I think the dog needs to sleep in the truck and Renee needs you to give her a good old fahsioned "flea dippin" yup that's what I think. :D
kenju said…
Have you put out a flea bomb? You could do that in the morning before you leave for the lab, and come home to a flea-less home.

Either that, or move your computer! LOL
Teresa said…
There's something to be said for insanity, Dave... try it!

I've always had trouble getting rid of fleas once they settle in. Luckily, we haven't had a problem the last few years. I hate the bomb things. I can't breathe for days. For the most part you have to do a major attack -- wash all the linens, spray, vaccuum everything -- and do it twice in a row (though if you don't put all the linens back, you don't have to do that twice!. Of course, a flea dip (or at least a bath) for the dog is necessary too or it's a never ending cycle. We'll assume it's not Renee with the flea problem, but if the dog has them, she's probably a carrier. LOL

I'm glad you got the truck problem straightened out.
Michelle said…
LOL, dude you're a dead man, i'd get your running shoes as quick as possible, you will need them after Renee reads this! It's nearly as bad as the "losing weight" post!
used*to*be*me* said…
Fleas? Really? I had no idea they would/could get to humans. Maybe you need to get a flea collar for your legs? Ha ha. I kill me. Seriously, hope you get rid of them soon!

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