baby, it's hot outside

A little play on words there. The classic song "Baby, it's Cold Outside" was by Frank Loesser with lyrics from Johnny Mercer and it was published in 1948. I love a recent version of it as sung by Vanessa Williams though with her, I suspect it should be subtitled "..but it's damn hot here inside with you". That woman sizzles. Anyway, back to me (Me! Me! Me!) and my travails with my air conditioning: it's damn hot outside but it's only 82 inside and the temperature is dropping!

My A/C is fixed and I am so much more comfortable already. The repair fellow arrived at 1:15pm and by 2pm he was gone with me being $80 something poorer. I can't wait for it to get back down to the 76 I usually keep it at...but I suspect for the next day or so I might splurge and keep it at 74 just to recover from all that hot weather! It'll be so much easier to sleep now.

The problem turned out to be a blown fuse in the part of the A/C system which is under the house. Presumably something caused the fuse to blow, but the repairman couldn't find any wires that weren't properly connected so I can only cross my fingers and hope it doesn't happen again soon. I had lots of problems like this the first year I owned the house, and I really don't want those days to return! I was without heat nearly half that first winter--and it was damn cold!

I saw Superman Returns on Sunday and read a few books over the weekend. I'll probably post something about them on Tuesday. In the meantime, Happy 4th of July to all of those in the USA and happy World Cup to those of the soccer persuasion! Germany is up against Italy and it looks to be a great match. I think Germany will take it; they're playing great.


MissMeliss said…
Happy 4th to you, as well, and congrats on the return of A/C. It's weird. We never had it in California, but here in Texas we can't survive without it.
Teresa said…
I'm glad you are more comfortable, Dave.

And thanks!
Michelle said…
Dave, i am laughing so much, that i'm crying! I just read your review over at "I talk too much"! OMG, you got the lot...the boot, the fish, the shortbus,a kick in the arse,you got blown up and about 50 smacks!
hehehehehehe, and to think, i was worried what i'd get! I don't think i have to worry at all :o)
utenzi said…
Yep. I got raked over the coals on that review. Apparently the one person in 100 that uses Opera just had to be my reviewer. *sigh*
-t- said…
Delayed Happy 4th of July!
And too bad Germany did not make it. And so close to the penalty shootout on top of that. Man, both teams played so fine, the 2:0 wasn't deserved. Although 25% of me did win last grandpa is Italian. Anyhow, now pressing my thumbs for Zidane and our neighboring country France. :)

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