Tina and the Magnolias

Doesn't that sound like the name of some obscure band that does Bar Mitzvahs and kiddy birthday parties? Tina and the Magnolias...

Well, if you thought so then you're going to be disappointed because what you really have is two pictures of magnolia blossoms and a plug for Recommended, a very nice blog run by Tina, a young woman living in Germany.

I ran a review of her blog earlier in the week but since then she's posted a number of times so here's an update.

On June 1st she pointed to a really neat program that graphically illustrates the code of a website as well as the web interconnections it makes. The graphic really looks good. Then on the second there was a post that pertained to Macs (boo, hiss!) so I skipped over that post!

On June third was the post that really interested me the most. It was an explanation and link to a site that showed how to grow plants upside down. This would mostly interest someone growing vegetables or maybe decorative vines. Perfect for tomatoes, to keep them off the ground and preventing rotting of the fruit, it's also very good for growing peppers. I think I might do this--it's great for keeping plants away from those damn deer. I have too many of those critters here and they eat anything that looks good!

On the 4th was a post about IM etiquette and the such. Good information to those of you out there that want to be nice and polite. LOL On the 5th was another post that I liked quite a bit, and followed to the original source. A post about how to make perfect eggs and what ingredients should never be used, and what ones would work out okay. The source of the information, Mr Breakfast, has a lot of good recommendations that reach far beyond just breakfast.

As for the magnolia blossoms, the tragic thing is that they don't last long. They look magnificent and exude a scent that is just wonderful--but they only last a few days. Above you can see one that still looks great, but is after its peak. It's already lost most of the stamen on the inside and within a day or so will look like the one in the lower picture, seen to the left. No stamen at all, just the pistil left and a few dried up petals.

Just look at the contrast between the faded bloom in the foreground and the blossom just hitting its peak in the background of the same picture. Life goes on, and all that, you know?

Go give Tina a visit--you never know when your bloom will fade so it's best to do things today and not put them off! LOL


DoreneMLorenz said…

I see you are ready to clean my clock again! Thank you for the kind comments about my blog. Yours is wonderful, no wonder you win all the time.

Hope to meet up with you again,

utenzi said…
I didn't remember if I had won last time or not. You have a great design with your blog. This time I remembered to open up your personal website so I could study your book review and such. What you mentioned about it in your blog looked very interesting, Dorene.
Yaeli said…
I love the photos!!! And I'm off to check out Tina's site now!
Anonymous said…
oh, i dream of having a magnolia tree....... :)

here via Michele
kenju said…
I read this post yesterday and liked the name of the music group. Last night I dreamed about a group called
"Dollar Bill and the Four Quarters"
kenju said…
Oops, Michele sent me back.
jac said…
i'm back from michele's today. i got lost catching up on your blog. i love the recommendations you're making to other blogs. so many great ones out there!
the magnolia is beautiful and reminds me of home!

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