I had a bumper crop of potential tenants this week. 14. The most I've ever had, I think. Too many to review so I'll just mention the one I picked, Recommended,which appears over there at the top of my left column and the 3 runner up blogs.

Recommended is a blog run by Tina, a 28 year old woman in Berlin, Germany. I chose her due to the content of her blog. Tina's blog is filled with things that she's found on the Internet that she likes or is interested in. Her design isn't so great--at least not to me--and when you first go there you might think you're on an advertisement blog but that's just the look she has going there.

Tina started her blog in January of this year and the first recommendation she had was for a photo blog "daily dose of imagery". This is a photo blog focused (sorry--bad joke) mainly on the city of Toronto but also has pictures from France, the UK and Iran. Almost every day, Tina has a new recommendation for something you can do, read, or experience on the web. March 2, for example, was dedicated to Sodoku. I've only read about 15% of Tina's site so far but hope to be caught up by the end of the week. She's got an amazing amount of information here!

I seem to be starting a tradition of focusing on the feet of my tenants. I assure you it's not anything personal! LOL Anyway, that's Tina over there on the left.

On April 23 she posted "A Strip Generator" but I was quite disappointed to find out that it merely generated comic strips. Damn! Would you believe that there's a website that informs the public as to the best way to pour ketchup? Well, Tina's found one and on April 12th she illustrated the technique and gave links to the site. The web is a weird place at times, folks.

Tina's also got a blog dedicated to dreaming and the such but I've never had any interest in that so I didn't even visit! Feel free to shoot on over if you're curious tho. I'm sure Tina would enjoy the company in her dreams.

This is Tina's cat Chip. Doesn't he look like he's having a nice dream?

The 3 runner up blogs are:

Simply Sassy: Dee Jay runs this blog and I've only been reading it for the past week. I really like it and if I get off my fat ass and start up Dreamweaver sometime in the near future, I'll add the blog to my blogroll (I keep it on my Roadrunner page so that's why I need DW).

A Yoga Coffee Outlook: Kelly is a woman of beauty and impeccable taste. This is obvious when you look at her blogroll and see my blog there. Her post for Wednesday was of the wordless variety and related to some very freaky looking jewelry. *shiver*

Long, Slow, Beautiful Dance: Poor Laci's had a bad week. She was in a car accident and while the person that provoked the situation did come forward, the police didn't charge her with any moving violation so Laci's on the hook for it with her insurance company. Life sucks at times! We've all had moments like that. I hope things look up soon, Laci.


Noi Rocker said…
You do keep a lookout of bloggers feet? LOL! I think its perfectly fine since it is usually the most ignored part of the body.

Going over there now!
Mamacita said…
Greetings from Michele's!

Kayaks breed when left to their own devices? Hah! I knew it.
Valderbar said…
Hello Utenzi. What a lot of people you have found. Judging from your header you've even seen a gorgeous cat. You got the contact?

Michele sent me. >^.^<
Tonight Blogger seems slower than a hound on a hot day.
Jason said…
Good choice in renting to Tina from Recommended. I love her site :)
jennypenny said…
Lol love the clogs! Didn't you post a pic of someone elses feet last week? Here from Michele's
jennypenny said…
Oh, and by the way.. go edmonton!!!!!!!!!!!!
Robin said…
awww, I love that cat's big fat feet, too! Good morning from Michele's, Utenzi! Always a pleasure!
Deana said…
Good morning from Michele's.

You certainly have alot of folks viaing for your spot. I like the yoga one but the cat pic was great too!
Tara said…
Great renter pick! And your blog is looking pretty spiffy, too.

Oh, and I agree with the Go Edmonton comment!
Jessie said…
Hey, Michele sent me! And you got sent to my blog earlier too! Loving the feet!
We posted at the same time over at Michele's so I didn't skip you my dear...I love your reviews of the tenants and possible tenants...I want to meet & greet all of the people you talk about!
Anonymous said…
Here from Michele's today...happy Friday!
Sandy said…
an electic list of bloggers. thanks for pointing me in their direction.

michele sent me over to you and now I go to your list.
Prego said…
Looks like you've got some good recommendations there. I like the photoblog. I've considered doing that as well, but... I have trouble finding the time for one - and my cartooning blog never took of the ground.

Here via Michele today,
tiff said…
also from Michele's. I can't help myself!
Prego said…
I forgot you were in the Carolinas. No hard feelings, but...

...go Oilers!

Your pal,
surcie said…
Never heard of these! I'll go check 'em out. Have a great weekend!
Tracie said…
Here from Michele's

And now I am off to check out the blogs you recomended!
Crayonsetc said…
Wow... you are so popular... 14 :)

Stopping by this evening via Michele to say Hello!!!
On my way to check them out. Michele sent me.
Yaeli said…
Michele sent me again so I'm off to check out Tina!
-t- said…
Thank you for the lovely introduction, Dave. It's one reason why I left a bid with your blog. It's an honor that you accepted it, especially seeing the other great blogs that wanted to have that spot! :)
To everyone who loved the cat pic...that's Chip my family's 13 year old tomcat. I only get to see him when I visit home and I miss him over here.

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