Now THAT's a huge party

Oreo hosted a party this weekend.

That's him to the left. His Mother, Heather, helped some and on Friday she posted 12 times about various aspects of the party.

You see it was a joint party--NO! not that kind of joint. It was a joint birthday party for a number of cats (6 plus Oreo) with birthdays coming up soon.

Was it big, you ask? They had special areas for dogs to keep them out of the way, the pool was set up for the more adventurous felines, there were places for playing, sleeping, and even for hunting down a nasty ole snake. One Hell of a party, no doubt.

Heather has almost 1,000 comments just on those Friday posts. Now that's a lot of well wishing!

Of course when you're as personable as Oreo is, you expect that kind of attention.

Happy Birthday, Oreo.


Erin said…
Sounds like fun. :)

Haven't been here in a few weeks - LOVE the picture on your banner! Hope you've had a good weekend.

Here via Michele tonight!
yellojkt said…
Here via michele. Thanks for the great comment. It's scary a cat blog is 100 times more popular than mine. I'll try not to take it personally. And if you served catnip, that counts as a "joint" party. Catnip is weed for cats.
shpprgrl said…
Wow, what a busy weekend, and a joint party too. Yeah, you'll get some google hits on that one won't you?? Someone once wrote I hate Cr*cs, (the shoes) in a comment. So if you google I hate Cr*cs, I'm the #1 site. Weird huh? Here again from Michele's because I thought you might've gotten skipped....
GPV said…
I'd like to comment and I did some times ago. You have to approve it but maybe you won't.
I love cats, I feel good when I see one.
Oreo said…
Oh my gosh! Fanks you Dave! I get a whole post to mine self! What a wunderfull purresent. You am so sweet! Fanks for stoppin by after the party. You should've come though, I'd have shared mine stinky goodness cake wiff you!! :)

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