nasty ole ivy

This is going to be short 'cause I hate typing one-handed.
The poison ivy I was exposed to via Pippin's furry bod has spread acoss my chest, belly & back though it's not very bad in any of those places. Just very, very itchy!

The only bad spot is my inside elbow area as seen to the left. That was taken on Saturday afternoon soon after pustules started forming.

While the elbow itches a lot it's pretty easy to avoid scratching it since I'd have to reach across my body with my right arm to do the scratching--and by the time I do that, I come to my senses and resist the scratch urge. I wish I could say I was doing that well with all the other areas--but I can't. Especially my upper chest. I need to stop scratching there!

This picture is my elbow taken this morning. I think that's about as bad as it should get. Since I've been avoiding scratching, the skin integrity is good even if it looks kinda gross.

I'm not going into work today 'cause I can't bend my elbow without tearing the skin--it's all stiff from the calamine lotion that's trying to dry things up--and if I was at work, no doubt I'd bend the elbow doing something or other and set back my recovery. Or maybe I'm just being lazy?

Perhaps I'm showing more than I should with these pictures but there's just something fascinating about injuries...


No_Newz said…
Oh man that sucks for you! Sorry! I hope the itching subsides soon.
Lois Lane
Teresa said…
That's nasty looking! Since I'm susceptible to that stuff, please stay away from me! Back!

I hope in clears up soon... The lotions usually irritate me more than the poison ivy does. Though I will use them, mostly I pop a Benadryl and put ice on it. It works for me....
Michelle said…
OOooo, that is gross :(
Hope it clears up soon :o)
kenju said…
Poor Dave! Have you been to the doc? The last time I had it bad like that, they put me on steroids and some kind of opaque cream that helped the itching.

Hope you are better soon.
Oh My DArling..that is horrendous looking..MEAN MEAN MEAN looking, isn't it? poor dear..I hope this clears up soon...! OY!
Oreo said…

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