Lambs Ear

This is a picture of some Lambs Ear that I have in a bed on the side of my back deck. I normally don't care for the plant that much but it looked very photogenic this morning when I got back home from taking my girlfriend to the airport. The dew covering the leaves really makes the plant more interesting and the out of focus blue flowers behind add a little visual interest.

I had a lot of Lambs Ear in my front garden as well but I "accidently" hit it with some Roundup last Fall so I'll have to plant something new this Spring. Maybe Pansies. I love Pansies. They're just so cheerful.

The spot that these plants grow in by my back deck is also where my Morning Glories grow once they get going. The Glories are so much more aggressive that within weeks of making their presence known, you can't see any of the other plants. It's just a wall of Morning Glory from the ground all the way up to the top of the canopy I have attached to my deck.


Teresa said…
I don't like morning glories for the very reason that they overrun everything and it takes forever to get rid of them once you decide enough is enough. LOL. And after a few years they are all the same color which I find boring. The same phenomenum happens with gladiolis too, which is why I don't have any of them either.

I'm envious that you have things growing. It's still going slow here with the "springing" effect.
colleen said…
I'm not fond of lamb's ears either, but the purple flowers behind them look beautiful. Hi from michele's again.
HI Utenzi,

Michele sent me...

I cannot believe you have all of those beautiful plants!

NYC is still so grey and barren..........
Beautiful plants..I'm not familiar with Lambs Ear...I don't believe I've ever heard of it before or seen it, ever, either! Pansies are sooo delightful and pretty pretty pretty!!!
No_Newz said…
It's posts like these that get my planting twitch going. It's still too early in the season here. Last year the girl and I had to replant because of the weather trickery. :)
Great photos!
Lois Lane
kenju said…
Next time I get a bride who wants lamb's ear in her bouquet, I know where to go!..LOL

I have a large deck and no plants on the fence except ivy. You make me ashamed that mine is so barren. The morning glories are gorgeous!
Anonymous said…
Lovely flowers, Utenzi. Pansies are so sweet. Morning glories are beautiful but I've been warned to keep them in pots or planters since they tend to get out of control. The same is true for a Meixican something or other out here. I can't remember the name. (You can probably tell I'm not much of a gardener. If something can survive on it's own, I love it!)
rashbre said…
I'm impressed at how advanced all of your flowers are compared with ours just in the very early stages. it will be another month before any pansies staryt appearing in our gardens here in the UK.

Carmi said…
Between the dew and the strong sunlight, I am always amazed at how an environmental condition can so define how something is rendered onscreen. Photography is such a lovely pursuit.

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