Didn't get into work today. Still sick from that sore throat. Annoying bugger. Got a few things done but not much since I am sleeping so much. I did a bit of sewing which is funny since I totally reek at sewing. Made two batches of those no-bake cookies I posted about last week. Did two loads of laundry, which being a single guy, means I'm set for at least 2 weeks. More likely 3! Now it's back to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzz.


Diane Mandy said…
Two loads of laundry lasts you for two weeks??? I can't even imagine. If you ever want to go on a shopping spree, let me know.

PS. No bake cookies are my FAVORITES!!!!
Nicole said…
You sew, do laundry and make cookies when you're sick? Did that virus turn you into a Stepford wife? he he

Hope you feel better soon.
utenzi said…
Oddly enough, I feel fine. Which is what makes this entire sweats and sleep need thing so weird. Or so says this Stepford Wife.
wow, I don't have that many clothes ... that fit.
utenzi said…
I could never afford to go shopping in the places you probably go, Diane. UNC doesn't pay THAT well. *sigh*

Liz, if there's one thing I do have it's clothes. They're mostly comfy and not fancy but there's lots and lots of them. I can go a month without washing without batting an eye. If it wasn't for underwear and socks, I'd be able to go even longer.
Isheeta said…
A guy that makes cookies while he is sick?!! Where do I get me one of those?! Get well soon!

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