Cookies at 4am

These are the cookies I mentioned in a previous post. They're very easy to make and use inexpensive ingredients.

Here's the list:
  • 2 cups of sugar
  • 1/3 cup of Crisco
  • 1/4 cup of dry milk
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • 3 cups of rolled oats
  • 1/4 cup of cocoa
  • 1/2 cup of peanut butter
  • 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla (or almond) extract

First assemble all the ingredients and the measuring cups you'll need.

Also make sure you have the recipe on hand. Here I have mine leaning against a electric skillet to make it easier to read. It's a tad stained since I've used it many times over the 20+ years since I copied it from the one my mother had. The recipe, not the frying pan!

Now here's what you do:

Mix sugar, shortning, milk and water in saucepan.
Heat until it boils, remove and add other ingredients.
Mix well, drop onto wax paper to cool. Store in tight

The following pictures illustrate the instructions above.

First you combine the sugar, milk and Crisco in the saucepan.

Then add the water to dissolve sugar and milk. Heat the saucepan until it reaches a boil.

While the saucepan is heating gather all the rest of the dry ingredients together. I use a large bowl, beng careful to keep the peanut butter away from the sides so it won't stick. Damn stuff is like GLUE!

Here we have the saucepan at a boil. Be very careful with this mixture since boiling sugar will burn like few other things can. As you can see, it's roiling away quite nicely.

Remove the saucepan from the burner. Now you combine the dry ingredients into the once-boiling mixture. I add some oatmeal along with all the peanut butter and cocoa since the peanut butter doesn't blend in easily and you want to add it when the mix is quite hot. Once this is all blended together I add the rest of the oatmeal, as is pictured to the left.

Now you have a homogenous blend of all the ingredients except the almond (or vanilla) extract. Add that now that the mix has cooled off somewhat. Be sure to blend it in well since you don't want some cookies with too much extract!

Here's the cookies after being dropped off from a spoon onto sheets set on a counter. I like to use a silicon baking sheet but parchment paper or wax paper also work fine. The advantage of the silicon products is that they don't leave small bits of wax on the counter. And it's cooler to use silicon! LOL

This silicon sheet was made in France like those characters on Saturday Night Live.

By the way, I LOVE these baking sheets.


Yaeli said…
Cookies at 4am!!! Totally crazy!!!!!! They do look yummy though!
Did you stay up very late to make your cookies? Or did you get up very early?

I came via Michele's.
utenzi said…
I am up late, Yaeli the lovely. I did get 2 hours sleep around 11pm when I was supposed to be reading. I did that rest my eyes thing--and Zzzzzzz. When I awoke I finished the Harry Potter book, blogged on Michele, and then did the cookies.
sage said…
those are my favorite cookies--but at this time of the morning, I'll take just oatmeal, with a few raisins, a dab of honey, and a bit of skim milk. Michelle sent me.
Dave said…
Ack, you're making me hungry!! Yummers!! Those look awesome!!
Teresa said…
I was thinking about cookies all morning, but I want plain oatmeal. Make me some of them, will you?

Off to bed now....
utenzi said…
Sleep well, Teresa. Sounds like you're keeping my kind of hours. As for the cookies, you're too far away to collect any.

Thanks, Dave & Sage. See you a bit later on at your blogs.
kenju said…
Now you've got my sweet tooth riled up and it isn't even 10am yet!
I thought I was the only person still using There's nothing like it for frying chicken and pork chops!

Michele sent me back.
Easy said…
Hi. Michele sent me.

THe cookies look good, but I can't abide anything with peanut butter in it. An odd quirk as I LOVE peanut butter.
Sure the cookies look good and probably taste great but I've gotten so lazy I just buy cookies now when I want them.
Kevin said…
From Michele's again.

Cookies at 4am? Why not. I'd eat 'em around the clock if it wasn't for that silly sleep thing.
dena said…
I want one! I really want one! Just one...
You may have just convinced me to make a trip to the store for all the necessary ingredients.

michele sent me...
utenzi said…
Judy's about to appear a second time so I'd best get a new post up here. I think I'll go back to bugs. I took lots of new pictures this weekend. Mmm. Bugs!

Jack, after having to live in your car for over a month I'm not surprised you've gotten out of the habit of cooking and baking. And going to school while living in the low-rent district ain't easy either.

Kevin, sleep just isn't as important as sugar!
utenzi said…
You should Dena. The cookies are great--especially for kids. They're a bit sweet for some adults but I love them.
Ciera said…
yum. I don't know what you call these cookies, but I grew up konwing them as No-Bakes [cuz you didn't have to put them in the over]. I could probably make these in my sleep, only we used butter or oleo instead of criso. I wonder how that would change the taste? hmm, something to try sometime!
Angela said…
Oooo... this sounds like a fun project for next weekend!
Carmi said…
Mmmm, now I'm hungry. Not only did you share the step-by-step instructions, but you photographed each stage as well. rock!

I've got to try making 'em. Stay tuned.

BTW, I'm back (again) from Michele's. I've really enjoyed exploring your blog thus far. More to come...
Lish said…
These look SO good! I can't wait to make them. I think I have all those ingredients on hand. Thanks!
utenzi said…
Taste good, easy as can be to make, forgiving if you miss the measurements a little, and the ingredients are cheap. Great recipe. VERY sweet cookies so be warned.

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