File this one under "there are some weird folk out there" and apparently one of them is me! I didn't set out in life to be a porn provider but now I'm not so sure.

Today my site got a hit from someone that did a search on, and I quote, female biology anuses I mean Ewwwwww! I had to try this myself and I did the search in Google and didn't come up with my site, at least not in the top 100 results. But the original search was on the UK's version of MSN search so I tried it there. And this page was listed as the #7 match! I'm providing chick porn. This is nasty!

I try to have a family friendly page. I really do! LOL Maybe I just shouldn't ever see how people get to my page. It's not good for my mind to see things like THAT!


Lish said…
Hmmm. Makes me wonder what kind of searches my blog can be found on.
Aaron said…
How do you access the info about who's visiting your page from where?
Teresa said…
I also wondered how you knew how your site was accessed, but wasn't surprised. After all, cynical me always wondered what kind of sumblimal messages you were behind some of these posts -- especially the bugs!

I know you well! And you know what say... To know you is to love you!
utenzi said…
Nothing unusual here. If you put a counter from one of the usual places like Sitemeter or Statcounter on your blog, they monitor that stuff and you can pull it up on your account. For the most part you only look at the raw numbers but if bored you can always go for details like search words.
GPV said…
Maybe Déja Vu is listed as entertainment for kids.
wow--I guess ani would be the plural of anus!

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