Nestlings and ani

I'm not sure what kind of plant this is but for the moment I'm calling it an anus plant. Give the blooms a glance to see why I'm calling it this. By all means, let me know if there's a better name. It grows next to my deck and having anuses (ani?) so close by is a little gross!

This is a picture of my backyard nestlings, one week later. I took the pictures on Saturday. Now that they're getting their feathers in, they don't look quite as ugly. They are sleeping a lot more but at least one was willing to wake up for a meal--as you can see by his open beak...


Lora said…
They are developing quickly. Do you know what kind of bird they are?

Two summers ago, I had a bird family in one of my hanging plants on my porch. I was quite pleased and suprised and sorry to see them go.
utenzi said…
I think they're Robins though I don't know very much about birds. Most of the birds that stay around my house are Mockingbirds and they're easy to identify due to their unusual wing markings and often nerve-grating sounds.

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