Caution: NUDE SPIDERS within

I'm thinking of starting a money making endeavor here.

This is going to be insect porn.

You ask, who in Hell would pay good money for pictures of naked bugs? Well, that does seem like a good question but I ask you this: In a world where people pay to hear Celine Dion assault their ears, is there any limit to silliness?

...and with talent like this in my studio, how could I go wrong? Just look at those legs strut their hairy stuff. What warm blooded--and those cold blooded Goths too--boy wouldn't want to get to know this beauty better?

Now I admit the size problem does exist. It's hard to cohabitate with a critter that's only a couple of inches across--but love knows no limits--or at least Hallmark says so!

In case anyone is still reading this: DO NOT TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY!!

This is a bug. (actually it's a spider which is in Araneidae). Maybe a type of Orb Web Spider.

This is not an object of affection! LOL

I do like this picture though. It reminds me of a crab and those things are good eating! Which in turn reminds me of that crawfish night...


Yaeli said…
Hmmm... creepy and sexy at the same time. ;o)
But again, more great photos. I especially love the last one.

p.s. Hope you don't mind but I have blogrolled you.
I was beginning to think you had a thing for hairy-legged fems. *giggles*
Diane Mandy said…
Fascinating photos...but, I must say it's the closest I'll ever got to one of those spiders!
utenzi said…
Oh, Diane. You're just too civilized! All that city living, assuming Raleigh counts as a city, has spoiled you for those lovely aspects of nature--such as spiders. :-)

Stacey, I've never minded hair and can't see why women spend so much time getting rid of it. As long as there's no razor stubble anything else is fine with me.

Yaeli, you're certainly welcome to blogroll me. I've got you on my homepage list already and I'll add you to this blog also. Have I mentioned how cute you are?
GPV said…
Spiders are aracneids alright same family as scorpions.
They have eight legs and most of them have four eyes.
Some spiders have beautiful colors,some are poisonous.If you start taking pictures of spiders you're going to have plenty of work
to get a fair representation of that specie.Numerous they are.
Some spiders are pretty smart and others accomplish outstanding feats.
Anathematized1 said…
I HAD no issue with arachnids until watching the last two minutes of some show on Animal Planet a few days ago. I never would have figured they could fit in quite so many mating animals from tarantulas to crocodiles to elephants. The worst thing though -the clincher - was the bisexual bonobo monkeys of the Congo. (They apparently have sex approximately 8 times a day...and BOY did AP show it.) I must have missed the Adelie prostituting penguins.

MissMeliss said…
I have another kind of orb weaver, a black and yellow argiope (aka "writing spider") in my yard. She was along the back fence for six weeks but last night she moved closer to the house.

Oh, well, they're not dangerous, they eat mosquitoes and ants, and my name hasn't shown up in her web yet.

I just hope the dog doesn't kill her.
Diane Mandy said…
"...assuming Raleigh counts as a city" Spoken like a true resident of Chapel Hill! Or, is it really Carrboro?
utenzi said…
LOL Diane, I say that as a former NYer and to a lesser degree over a decade in Atlanta--now I live in a former cow pasture well south of Mebane. Quiet as can be here.

Liz, try to be more open minded-- like GPV is. He enjoys the natural world. Shouldn't librarians be open to the natural world? LOL

That sounds a little too graphic for me, Anathematized. I'm glad I missed that show!
No_Newz said…
(in my very bestest Paris Hilton voice) That's hot!
Lois Lane
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