My night with crawfish

To a great many people crawfish are a delicasy--or at least a treat. I must confess I've never considered them in that light before nor did I find out on Saturday night. I decided they were too spicy and chickened out. Sad but true. I regard it as a good decision since even the grilled potatoes were making my tongue bleed but nobody else over the age of 5 was bothered by the spices. And even the 5 year old took a swig of milk and soldiered on. LOL

These 9 pictures chronicle the crawfish party. First you start off with a crawdad (or mom, I guess) ably held up by Chris' son. Then we move on to Jed packing them into a temporary holding cell--there was one escapee who Jed is monitoring closely. The next stop is the cooker--and then the crawdads in the cooker. Ouch!! Don't let PETA know about THIS step!

After that we dumped out the cooked crustacians into a ice chest, Chris added some spices he blended together, and then the mixture was shook around a bit and allowed to flavor a while before eating. Next Jed and Rusty did some quality control taste testing to see when they were ready for the table. Add some veggies and it's a feast. Yum? As the last two pictures show, the Crawfest started before sundown and lasted well after dark.


If food is spicy enough, it will make your face burn, your nose run, and you just might bleed when it goes through you! :-O
utenzi said…
Oh, my! I don't want to have any bleeding from THAT end of me.
Colleen said…
i never could get into crawfish either. not much meat in there and i can't eat anything that is looking at me. but i like it in something like crawfish etouffe.

so you are in RTP? i spent a large chunk of my childhood in NC: charlotte/salisbury, and my BA is from WCU.
utenzi said…
That's right, Colleen, I live on the West side of RTP. And you're living on turf I once trode as well. I lived in GA for 15 years, 12 of them in the Atlanta area while working at Emory. Before that I went to UGA over in Athens.
Crawfish were never something I longed to try. There was just something about them that made them unappealing to me. Not to mention I can't deal with spicy things because I suffer from acid reflex disease.
utenzi said…
I agree with you, Gina. My issues with spices mostly focus on the other end but beyond that is the nasty packaging of the meat. LOL Those crayfish are ugly fuckers.
Jaws said…
Gah everyone is posting about food! That looks so good and so much fun. I love spicey food too. Dad used to go clamming down on the jersey shore and steam them. Looked alot like that!
Nancy said…
Ugly fuckers is right! UGH...
I thought crawdads were bait...At least I think we used them as bait when I was a kid! Maybe not so big. That is a lot of crawdads and moms.

We did steam a lovely nine pound lobster a couple of weeks ago. I have photos of the monster. Served six and breakfast for those who could stomach lobster omlettes, ick. LOL

I clicked your link from Heidi....Didn't want you to lose sleep figuring out where the hell I came from...Although, you really can't figure out where I came from by a simple long winded comment, can you??? LMAO I do that a lot.
No_Newz said…
I'm not a fan of them either. They are ugly little creatures, but I have to say, seeing four guys cooking, now that rocks my socks! LOL!
Lois Lane
utenzi said…
Hi Jaws. I hope my comment on 'Sweeter than Ever's blog doesn't bother her. I slipped from my no negative posting policy for a moment. My bad.

Hey Nancy. I like Heidi's blog mostly due to her personality since her posts are fairly quiet. Where did you get such a big lobster??

Hi Lois! Nice to see you (and your socks)! :-)
The Outback Steakhouse used to have a dish that I loved that was called something like Joowamba Pasta or something like that and it had shrimp and crawfish in it. My first experience with crawfish came from there. In fact, my only crawfish experiences come from there. It was my favorite dish ANYWHERE. Sadly they discontinued it. :(
GPV said…
That's right,if you can't **** them
then eat them.
utenzi said…
...and since crawfish are too small for ****ing, the choice is obvious. LOL
Plumkrazzee said…
Hilarious. It's something you have to grow up, I think. Kind of like Lefse. Mmmmmm Mmmmmm good!
utenzi said…
I think you're right, Plum.

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