I received some new China today from They're from last weeks Friday Sale and were marked down to $10 a set with a 20% coupon on kitchenware so a final price of $8 a set. I like the colors. :-)

Pretty, colorful, and inexpensive. What a combo! I bought 6 sets of them and some matching salt and pepper shakers.


GPV said…
Surprisingly well done for the price.
Appleita said…
Not only is the color good but looks like it has a really nice texture around the rims. You're going to have a great looking table to go with all that cooking you're doing. ;-)
Carmi said…
Great picture of your dinnerware! And here I thought I was the only person who places such importance on happy plates!

Definitely a picker-upper at breakfast.

(I'm digging through your archives this weekend. Hope that's OK!)

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