Basketball and Baseball

Basketball and Baseball. End of Winter and beginning of Spring. My girlfriend is a dyed in the wool UNC fan so she's ecstatic about their making it to the finals of the Sweet 16. It's been quite a while since they've won, not since 1993 in fact.

Baseball is about to start and largely due to the 13 years I lived in Georgia, I'm a Braves fan. While they've had a long reign as one of the dominant teams in baseball I first went to games when they were a perennial underdog. In fact, Bob Hope's book (no, not THAT Bob Hope) "We could have come in last without you" chronicled those years in a very funny fashion. It's out of print but available for a few bucks at used book venues.

Last season despite a team that wasn't running on all 8 cylinders--or even 4--the Braves made it to the playoffs, this year I expect them to see the World Series again. And from the dugout this time! I doubt they'll win since they're back to a pitching heavy team but that's what gets you to postseason and you can't argue with their success in that regard. Better to be in post season play every year and a World Series ring a few times in a century. Of course some people feel differently! LOL


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