Nihal of the Land of the Wind

Here's an interesting book I received from Net Galley a few weeks ago.

Nihal of the Land of the Wind is a beguiling book filled with many bewitching scenes painted with words of power and grace.
I really enjoyed reading it and hope that the rest of Licia Troisi's novels are translated into English soon. My only issue with this book is that often the beauty of the prose interferes with logic but I doubt that will bother many readers. This book works much better using strong imagery and stark characterizations than it would otherwise. I strongly recommend this book.

The main character is Nihal and she's the last remaining person with Elf blood left in the world. This is due to a vendetta by the villian of the story, Tyrant--and with the voices of her slaughtered people constantly filling her dreams, she's out for vengeance wielding the amazing black crystal sword forged by her foster father. And there's dragons too!

This volume chronicles Nihal's childhood and training, both martial and magical, as well as her motivation to personally destroy the Tyrant. It's heady stuff and Troisi does a great job at getting the reader into Nihal's head, for better and worse.


kenju said…
Sounds interesting. what language is it written in?
tiff said…
Sounds like a good read!

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