Easter Eggs

 We received 5 chicken eggs on Easter so in a way they're Easter eggs. True the hues are limited but you can see there is some variation: two white, two light brown, and one brown.

 And we also received one turkey egg but that didn't seem very Easter-y. As you can see, it's a lot bigger than a chicken egg. Around 50% or 60% bigger. They taste a little different than chicken eggs but not bad by any means.

After laying their eggs, I let the chickens into the garden next door, so to speak, and they had a grand ole time eating weeds, scratching out bugs, and munching on blades of grass.
  Even the rooster got interested for a while.
But then he stalked away. Apparently gardening is work for the hens.


Hey...! Thanks for the Birthday wishes....Very Very Sweet of you, my dear.....Your Chickens are adorable!!! I love Chickens, though I've never had any---They certainly look cute, from afar! I hope, at this juncture they are still giving eggs!'Have a GREAT summer!
Carmi Levy said…
I've always wanted to have my own fowl - what a great way to have your eggs and eat 'em, too. Alas, my burg has banned them. Repeated attempts to change the rules have been met with stiff opposition. Not sure what the city folk have against a little egg action.

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