The New Season--part 1

I've watched a few of the new shows for the Fall Season and I'm not very impressed. I guess for quality I'll have to wait until the end of the month when Dexter and Homeland get their respective starts.

So far I've seen the first 3 episodes of The New Normal, as well as first episodes of Go On, The Mob Doctor, Guys with Kids, and Revolution.

The New Normal: I though the first episode was uneven, some jokes worked and some didn't. The grandmother (Barkin) was too harsh for me, but of course she was supposed to be, and the two prospective dads were a bit too cutesey. The second episode clicked. The jokes worked and the preachy aspects were worked in quite well. I decided that maybe this show was going to live up to the hype. Unfortunately in the third episode they only had the preachy part on board. What jokes were there fell flat, very flat.

I'll try a few more episodes and see if the quality evens out.

Guys with Kids: Run away from this show. It sucks. The guys aren't funny, the babies they carry around are just props and the wifes are annoying. The only saving grace is the older kids on the show---and they can't carry it. I'm not going to watch any more episodes.

Mob Doctor: Way too preachy.  I work mainly with MDs and we were mocking the show the next day at work. The main character is a resident who's in bed with some organized crime characters in an effort to get her younger brother out of debt. She also tells everyone at her hospital what they should be doing and is the go-to doctor for complicated procedures. And she steps on toes constantly: Mob toes and hospital toes. Ha!

The first 5 minutes of the show were fun but then it descended into soap opera-ish silliness.  I'll watch another couple of episodes because I think the acting was there, just not the writing. I hope they can fix things because the show does have potential.

Go On: I always like Matthew Perry but this show is a stretch. I liked the first episode but it seems a high wire act. I doubt they can manage to come up with a season's worth of good scripts.

Revolution: I wish I liked this show more. But the loose threads were so numerous that watching the show was aggravating. The premise that electricity no longer works is fine with me---though that does put into question how the first episode ended---but the 15 year jump from the first scene to the rest of the series is fraught with peril. I just can't get on board with how they decided things developed in those missing years.

Even if you accept those changes, the behavior of the characters on the show negates the lessons they've supposedly absorbed in the interim. By the I mean that the characters act like 2010 folk put into a non-tech setting, not 2025 folk that are used to a much more scary way of life. IMHO, that is.

Regardless I'll watch the next few episodes but I doubt I'll still be watching when the season ends---if Revolution lasts that long.


Bernie said…
Reconnecting with blogs from a LONG time ago... Came back to see if you're still here, and look, you are!! Remember, 'Burntofferings' and the weekends of Michele sending us here to see whats happening?

Glad to be back, and reading blogs after losing my wife all those years ago... Looking forward to more!

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