Writing Strategy

Every once in a while when I read the description of a book the idea pops into my head that the writer was following a definite strategy for marketing the book.

Case in point, today I read the description of a recent release, Joshua's Revenge, by Richard Wren. The blurb goes:
Yosemite Park bears are being killed and eviscerated for their body parts to be used in Chinese medicines. Joshua, a Yosemite Ranger, is assigned the task of finding the gangs behind the killings after his best friend, another Ranger, is murdered by one of the bear killing gangs. The trail leads from the backwoods of Yosemite to the streets of San Francisco’s Chinatown, where he’s faced with beatings, murders, kidnappings, and gang warfare.
Fortunately, Joshua was born with superior athletic attributes and his well kept secret of being a world champion Oriental Martial Arts expert is put to the test. When his wife is captured and tortured, he must use trickery, misdirection and imagination, as well as his mastery of Chinese, Japanese and Korean Martial Arts to save her life and find the mastermind behind the killings.
Can one man defeat vicious and murderous gangs that are willing to go to any and all extremes to protect their crooked business?
   Interesting, huh?

   Now that's really loading the deck. Going after people who attack bears, an endangered species, and one that is fuzzy and cute---at least from a distance---and they attack and EVISCERATE them in a beloved national park! And it's the Chinese that are behind it (a nationality that is currently on the outs with the US due to economic and political issues).

   I have no idea if the book is good or not, but the author certainly is trying to touch on some sensitive issues. And then those bear-killing bastards torture his wife and kill his best friend! Now that means war! And this guy is a ass-kicking multi-sport martial arts world champion. But he manages to keep his world championships a secret.  *shhhh*  Don't tell anyone!

   Well.... I expect Hollywood has already optioned the book for a movie or two.   *sigh*


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