Sew What?

 This is what happens when a guy tries to repair some pants with a sewing machine. Havoc!

In my defense I wasn't trying to be neat, nor tidy, not even pretty. I just wanted to keep my bits from dropping through the bottom of my pants.

You see, the entire crotch was torn out of these poor cargo pants. It started off with one small tear, as these things usually do. But then it got bigger.

 And then a tear started on the other side of the seam and that tear kept getting bigger. Soon they started looking like chaps---they covered my legs but little else.

So this was my solution. I cut some cloth out of an old t-shirt and sewed it over the torn material of the pants. The pants' material was so thin it couldn't handle the repair on its own.

Admittedly it'd have been a lot better had I used brown thread for the repair but I don't use my sewing machine very often and it's a miracle I did this without sewing my fingers to the pants.

 Here's a smaller repair near the front pocket just to show that I can put in a simple row of stitches without it looking like some horrid Frankenstein-ian creation.

Of course the thread still doesn't match the fabric.  Oops.
And since I was at it---I patched a few other pairs of pants too.

This is a pair of jeans that I sliced open when I was climbing over a barbed wire fence a couple of months ago.

Amazingly enough I barely cut myself at all but I sure did a number on the jeans. The join that you see there is pretty strong. I was rather surprised it worked at all.


kenju said…
As I said before, I am impressed that you even know what a sewing machine looks like. They sell denim patching material in fabric stores that is iron on.
utenzi said…
I've got denim colored patches and have used them many times in the past. This rip was so wide I didn't want to use patches. I had patches in the cargo pants at one time but they stopped sticking after a while. I like to use that thermal tacking tape too.

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