Three months later

We picked up these 4 light Brahma chickens back in mid-April when they were around a month old. They were so cute back then.

Now they're almost old enough to reproduce. We bought them straight run (gender unknown) so there was no telling what we'd end up with.

In this case we got lucky 'cause there's one male and 3 females. Perfect for breeding a few more Brahmas as well as having eggs to eat.

The first picture is the Brahmas in the back of the truck when we got them back here from the guy we bought them from over in Burlington.

The second picture was taken yesterday afternoon in a new enclosure we made for the chickens.

The rooster is the one keeping an eye on me and my camera. He's a good bit larger than the females and more direct.

Once they start laying eggs we might have to keep them penned up part of the time. Right now they roam as free as they please.


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