Princess Tree

I know, I know. What is the world is that nasty weed doing next to the house?

I can't stand this plant but for some odd reason my girlfriend didn't want me to kill it.

Sure, back when it was a foot or two tall it was one thing: just a weird looking weed. But after 6 months time the damn weed was taller than the house---seriously!---and she finally agree to let me cut it down.

So out came my machete and fun ensued. Whacking things with a big knife is really fun, y'know?

The picture below shows the cross section of the cut plant. It looks amazingly like a tree.

This nasty weed has just been growing this year---it's amazing that it got so big so fast. I hate to imagine what would have happened had we let it go a lot longer.

Does anyone know what kind of weed it is? I've never seen anything grow that fast before that could get so big.

Weeds usually only get yay-big, not tree-like.

Notice the white Shepherd on the right of the first picture and the white Brahma on the left? We seem to be having a lack of pigment in pets lately. We'll have to get some dark chickens pictured soon.

We have some young Cinnamon Queens now, 3 of them, and they're very sweet. They like to be held. :-)


Kirsten said…
Looks like a Princess tree!
Kirsten said…
. . . and good luck btw, looks like they're very hard to kill =-O

Unless you dug up the root . . .
utenzi said…
I'm too lazy to dig up the root. I'll just hack off the leaves as they sprout out for the next year or so.
Kirsten said…
I hear you talking. I've done both. Digging up tree roots is haaaard work.

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