Silkie Styling

There's a certain amount of work involved in having pretty chickens.

First of all, it's best to find someone else to do the work. In this case I used the excuse that I needed someone to model the techniques for the camera.

You'd really be surprised at how many people fall for that.

I guess it's basically the same thing that Mark Twain wrote about when Twain had Tom Sawyer trick his friends into painting the picket fence for him. I didn't get a bible though.

And of course you need a dirty chicken too. The picture above shows that indeed we do have a dirty chicken.

Next up you want to wash said chicken.

As you can see here, Carrie was hard at work scrubbing that chicken. Eventually you get down to actual chicken--Silkie, in this case---and then you style those feathers!

And then you move on to the feet! Aren't those cute little things?

Okay---maybe the nails could use a little trimming.


Naquillity said…
what a beautiful silkyie... that was kind of Carrie to demonstrate how to clean said chicken so you could take these great pics.

and it's good Carrie has something she enjoys doing (planting wildflowers) around the house. that wildflower you photographed looks like it's floating on water. beautiful shot...

have a great day~
Judy (kenju) said…
I love eggs, but I just can't warm up to a chicken, pretty thought they may be.

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