Save some money

Everybody wants to save money. Especially numismatics, y'know? Ummm, sorry about that.

Actually my point to be made is how entertaining the "backtalk" can be at money saving websites. The one I usually use is Dealsea. Here's an example of the chatter over a $130 computer monitor earlier today:
06/25/2012, 12:55pm
why LCD displays are still on the market? LED backlit ones are better.

06/25/2012, 12:57pm
Why Hyundai cars are still on the market? BMWs are much better.

06/25/2012, 01:05pm
Why android is still on the market? iphone is much better.

06/25/2012, 01:06pm
Because they are much cheaper and are for the people like YOU. If you're rich enough, you would not loiter around here..

06/25/2012, 01:09pm
In Russia they put YOU on market

06/25/2012, 01:26pm
Backlight doesn't make that much difference. I would rather have IPS LCD with CCFL(Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp) backlight than TN LCD with LED backlight.

06/25/2012, 01:55pm
Why do other people still comment on dealsea whey MY comments are so much better?

I just find conversations like that very amusing. But then again, I thought intentionally confusing numismatics and saving money to be funny.   :-D


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