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Feeling a bit down? Want to know why you're not feeling great?  You might have a substandard EmExome!

Curious about what an EmExome is? Okay, probably not but the good folk at Emory University Healthcare are hoping that you say YES.

They've got a new service where they examine a bunch of your genome and then give you feedback, the amount depends on how much you pay, on what genetic problems you might have. The perfect way to really know yourself!  LOL

Unfortunately this isn't cheap. There's 3 levels of service and the least expensive is $3,000. Yes, the price of a nice small hot tub.

Personally I'd rather soak in that nice hot water but if you're really inquisitive maybe you just have to know what's contained in your DNA. And if you want more explanation and hand-holding, then there's also the $5k and $9k levels. Yikes!

Here's their explanation of the EmExome concept:
What is the EmExome?
The exome is estimated to encompass approximately 1-2% of the genome, yet contains approximately 85% of disease-causing mutations. At this time, 92% of the exome can be analyzed by in-solution hybridization and next generation sequencing. EmExome sequencing is used to detect variants in known disease-associated genes as well as for the discovery of novel gene-disease associations. Traditionally, gene discovery has been done in research laboratories; now, however, with the ability to sequence nearly the entire coding region of the human genome, it is possible for clinical laboratories to use this information to identify a previously unrecognized cause of disease.
If that's made you curious, go to their website and find out more---but be sure to have a fat wallet. This stuff is expensive! However, a few years ago it wasn't available at any price. Who knows what it'll cost in a decade or so---by then it might be free! It really is amazing how many tests are available if you're looking at targeted areas. There's 39 tests in the Metabolic Testing area alone. And there's another 8 areas in which you can order tests. Brave new world, indeed.


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