Breaded Chicken

Chickens really love bread. I don't know why. There's not many calories in it.

Maybe it has something to do with mouth feel. Well, beak feel, that is. Or maybe not. Who knows? Chickens aren't very communicative--nor turkeys either.

But either way, if you're holding a few slices of bread and there's  birds around, they're going to be your best friends for as long as that bread holds out.

As you can see to the left, that was certainly the case yesterday. Only the silkies were ignoring me. And that's mainly because they're a lot smaller than the other birds and don't want to get stomped on.

In this picture you can see how "piggy" our young turkey is. Admittedly the damn thing needs food desperately since it's growing at double the rate the others are, but still---don't claw up my belly!

Just to get some bread to the Brahmas I had to resort to trickery, making the turkey and RI Red think that I had bread in my other hand.

Of course that trick didn't work for long. Birds have VERY good eyesight.

And this is my belly after being walked across by the turkey a bunch of times.


Always wear a shirt when feeding birds on a swing and lose some weight!


Naquillity said…
what adventures you've gotten yourself into since my absence. at least the chickens are happy. your belly... not so much. hope all is well your way. have a great day~

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