Magellan eXplorist GPS

I bought a new hiking GPS on Amazon last week and I received it on Thursday.

I like it a lot better than my last one. It went through batteries in no time at all so I rarely ever used it. This one lasts 18 hours on one pair of double A batteries. That's 16 hours better.

I still have to learn how to use it though. The somewhat unadorned map at left is my route around Occoneechee Mountain. No doubt it's accurate but there's not a lot of graphics there either.

I hope next time I use this GPS I'll have much prettier results. Maybe the data I want is contained in my data file and I just need to learn how to use the software better.

I'll have to hit Eno River park or maybe Duke Forest after work this week and try this again.


tiff said…
pretty cool tool - does it navigate for you?

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