Building a Bench the easy way

This is a good activity when you're bored (board?) on a weekend. The whole process just takes a few hours.
First you buy the kit. It contains the resin ends that the boards screw into as well as the screws.

Then you cut boards to the length you want. I made a 4 foot bench since the lumber was 8 feet long. You need 9 boards for this kit so I just needed 5 2x4s, each cut in half.

Then you paint or stain the boards. My lovely assistant is taking care of that. (the girl, not the dog)

Here I am screwing the last board into place. Putting them in only takes about 12-15 minutes.

And you end up with a bench! The multi-color design was definitely not my idea or preference.


Michael Manning said…
I was just getting ready to commend you on the color scheme Utenzi, before I read your last sentence!
Judy (kenju) said…
Looks nice, but I'd have preferred all green or all blue.
Nikki-ann said…
Looks great :)

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