Case of the Missing Eggs

Normally when the weather warms up, egg production at the farmstead goes up. But this year that didn't seem to be the case.

Now, sure, it could be because the weather is unusually warm for this part of the year. The chickens and other fowl might still be in Winter mode since this time of the year is normally still quite cool.

But still, we thought that the chickens would be laying more than a few eggs a week now.

And then a few days of stormy weather blew a lot of leaves out from under the front porch stairs and lo and behold.... there was a nest of eggs under there.

Now I check for eggs under the stairs frequently because they like it under there and I find a few a week. But they're always out in the open like that overexposed one in the front of that first picture.

With most of the leaves out of the way, a whole bunch of eggs were exposed to the eye so we used a rake to pull them out.

As you can see here, there were 16 eggs in that nest plus the one that was out in front. That's quite a few to be hiding out right under our feet.

Given normal Winter/Spring production, that's probably at least a month's worth of missing eggs. Case solved!

The picture below is of a turkey egg collected yesterday, as well. The nest of eggs is in the background of the picture, in the sink being washed. Surprisingly enough all 16 turned out to be okay. No floaters.

The turkey produces the prettiest eggs. I love the speckles.


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