Still Icy in Places

I needed to walk a MTA form over to the Technology Transfer office Today.

Since that's on the other side of campus from where I work, I did the walk at lunchtime and combined the walk with a side trip to the Battle Branch Trail.

The picture there to the left is the Forest Theater, slightly ice covered at the moment. Getting that picture was a mite treacherous due to the fore mentioned ice.

In case you're curious, Battle Park is named for Kemp Plummer Battle. Who the hell is he, you ask? He was president of UNC from 1876 to 1891. And yes, that was a long time ago.

This second picture shows the trail I was walking on. I didn't have much time so I just looped around on the Deer Track Trail, and then got back to the lab lickity-split.

The trail was very icy but except for the hilly sections, the footing wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Still, I wish I had been wearing hiking boots. I didn't fall but I did slip around a bit and it was because I was wearing smooth bottomed sneakers.

With all the leaves gone, you can see how the trail gracefully glides around the hilly terrain. In the more temperate times of the year, a lot less can be seen and it's easy to feel isolated on the trails of Battle Park. But not in winter!

This last picture is just a view of the leaves on the side of the trail, sporting a very shiny layer of ice. It's what all the fashionable dead leaves are wearing this winter, y'know?

Ha! Once or twice I was almost wearing some of that ice too.


kenju said…
You're living dangerously, Dave!
srp said…
I have one shaded spot with brick steps and that thin 1/4 inch thick layer of ice is really having a hard time melting or sublimating. It's amazing how such a small amount of ice makes things so slick.

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