Saturday Eats

Carrie and I did a lot of eating today. We got off to a late start but finished well.

No, this isn't something that we ate. Rather it was one of two deer remains that we came across while cutting through some woods while hiking off trail south of Mebane.

The day started with Carrie and I hitting Trader Joe's when they opened. And I'll tell you, it was darn nippy out this morning---hell, all day long. I managed to spend $90 on fixings for bruchetta (2 containers of grape tomatoes, garlic, butter, some baguettes, and basil) and pizza (sauce, dough, and lots of cheese) plus several bottles of wine and a lot of small portions of cheese.

After that we went to Occoneechee Mountain to burn off some calories to make room for the food we were preparing to consume. The 3 mile hike was bracing 'cause it was damn cold out still. I think it was still below freezing when we finished around 11am.

Then we picked up a few more items at Wal-mart since I needed to stop at a gas station next door. I was almost out of gas and didn't want to get stranded on the side of the road. Once we got back to Carrie's house we finally had the first food of the day: Bavarian creme doughnuts!

Yum. We ate those while prepping a plate of cheese types to go with a bottle of Riesling that Carrie's daughter gave her last month. The wine was quite good and one of the cheeses, a Gouda, was a real stand out.

After that we did a few miles of hiking with Carrie's dogs ---and came across the two deer carcasses-- and then came back home to have a nice meal of bruchetta. 24 pieces of it! We were stuffed, but not too stuffed to skip having ice cream with amaretto on it afterwards.


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