Dog Tired

I hurt my back at work last Wednesday and that's been slowing me down somewhat.

But I'm not the only one with sore parts. Poor Bella really received a workout this weekend.

Just look at the headstand she's doing in that photo on the left. That was taken on Saturday morning during a short snow squall. The weather went from sunny and mild to windy, overcast, and quite cold in just a few minutes. Freaky. And over in about 10 minutes.

It happened again around an hour later but by that time we were back at Carrie's place warming up in front of a nice fire eating croissants.

The hiking was colder on Sunday when the mercury (does anyone still have mercury thermometers?) dipped down to 20f. Brrrr!

Carrie and I took Bella, but not Bibbs, to Occoneechee Mtn for a nice hike around the mountain at 9am. Damn it was nippy out! I didn't even take many pictures 'cause I didn't want to take my gloves off.

Later that day we did another hike, around 4 miles, in the woods south of Mebane. By then it was just a little below freezing and a lot sunnier so we were able to take Bibbs along. She's too thin and delicate to handle hikes in really cold weather.

This time there was a lot of stick throwing involved and we really, really tired out Bella. She simply can't resist chasing sticks no matter how tired she is. And as you can see in this picture, she was totally exhausted by the time we got back to the house.

None of these three hikes did my back any good but the snow on the highways today might give me a chance to rest up for a day. It's not looking good for being able to get into work. I think I might be bonding with my heating pad while reading a book. :-)


kenju said…
Tylenol is your friend, Dave. Hope it gets better soon. I suspect the hikes are good for your back trouble, even though you may not see the effects of it immediately.
Thumper said…
My back can empathize with your really bites because it's kind of hard to move without using your back...
srp said…
We had the same snow bursts here on Saturday. But now, just rain right now. There was a little sleet last night and a dusting of snow but it has melted, even though I doubt it will reach 40 degrees like they say today. Escaped this time... and I haven't even bought a snow shovel yet!

As for backs.. and knees and fingers and ankles... as we get older the winters get harder to take.

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