Cows are Herbivores?

I think most of us learned early in school that cows are herbivores.

Sure, there were other facts given to us. They go "moooo", often have cute spotted hides like those on the Gateway Computer boxes, produce milk (which might not be all that great on its own but leads to cheese and ice cream), and cows often have cute names like "Bessie" and "Elsie".

But now I have to question those myriad facts I learned so long ago.

Just look at these two pictures I took today! That doesn't seem like a herbivore to me. What do you think?!

You can bet I didn't stick around to ask Bessie there what she was eating. I didn't want to be next!

Now that I've uncovered the disturbing fact that cows do have a yen for animal flesh what's next? Vicious rabbits (like the one in Holy Grail) or killer sheep like in that Kiwi movie Black Sheep. Or maybe this is a ZOMBIE cow! Yikes.

Actually the explanation is more pedestrian but the thought of zombie cows is worth exploring. Especially if I can score some serious cash from National Enquirer for being the first to photograph this nasty new breed of cow.


GA Girl said…
I can't see the calf in any of these pictures, but the udders are more noticible here.

Can't be a Zombie cow, that's not a brain :-)
srp said…
Isn't this how mad cow disease is spread.... by animal protein being put in their feed. The zombie idea is ok too... where are all the other cows?

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