Cold equals Pain

I received my electricity bill from Duke Power in my Email today.

Ow, ow, ow, ow!

This is the first time in the 8 years that I've had my house that my bill went over $100. And it cleared that hurdle quite readily with a "score" of $143.31.

That's 45% more than any other bill I've gotten from Duke Power and more than 50% higher than the bill I had last December. Ouch!

Admittedly this is by far the coldest winter that I've experienced since I moved down south 25 years ago so it's not surprising that the electric bill went up. But 50%? Yikes. And January is starting off to be colder than December so this month's bill will probably be up around $150 also.

At least this is normal weather for January; it's supposed to be cold now. December was freakishly cold for this part of the country. And don't get me started about snow!


Thumper said…
Dang, I'd be happy with that. Our last PG&E bill was just shy of $500. Yay for California... sheesh.
utenzi said…
Oh my god, K-thump! That's scary. You should move, and soon!
srp said…
I am with Thumper... a bill that low would be great... unless you have gas heat.. then.. perhaps there is a problem. In Mississippi, (with gas heat) the gas bill in summer was 0.. but electric high. And the reverse in winter.

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