What a Difference...

Sometimes you don't know when you have a good thing.

Sure, we had a very long and very hot summer. And autumn was pretty damn warm too.

But still, how could I have complained about the cold two weeks back just because we were having a few nights of below freezing weather?

Now we've had a week in which it was often below freezing all day long and the next week isn't a whole lot better---and right now it's 17f outside and still dropping. Supposed to get down to 13f!

The weather in December is a lot different than what we had been having. That's for sure.

I turned on the light I have under the house, am dripping a couple of faucets, and have turned up the temperature in the house to 68f. All this just to keep my water pipes from freezing. These southern homes aren't built for temperatures in the lower teens. :-(


Naquillity said…
good morning~ it's been cold here too. though i have my heat set to at least 80 because i stay so cold. to much low blood i suppose. hope you can keep your pipes from freezing up. have a great day.
srp said…
I have tulip bulbs that I waited a week too long to get in the ground and now I just hope the ground isn't frozen too hard to plant them.
kenju said…
Yikes, I didn't know it was supposed to get THAT cold overnight. I should be dripping the pipes and I haven't disconnected the hoses yet. Oy.

My daughter is out of town and she didn't drip her faucets either - and I don't have a key to her house yet. Another oy!

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