Snowy Weekend

Here in NC we got 1 - 3" of snow this past weekend, mostly on Saturday afternoon and evening. Where I live it was 3 inches!

On the left is my car soon after the snow began to fall. Since it'd been cold for a while the snow began sticking almost immediately.

Within an hour of the first flakes spiraling down, the ground was covered and the dirt road on the other side of my car was covered as well.

I was at Carrie's house so I didn't get my usual pictures of my house covered in a blanket of snow. We did make a run to my place later that night since we needed some supplies for dinner that I had in my fridge and pantry. Carrie has a big truck so that made it easy to scoot over to the next county where I live.

After picking up some pork cutlets and wine from my fridge, and taters and applesauce from my pantry, along with a ricer for making the mashed potatoes we got back to Carrie's place before the roads froze over.

There were a lot of suicidal deer on the road that night. Southern deer aren't used to snow and I think they were more than ready to end it all after seeing all those crazy white flakes falling down.

As it turns out, when I drove home the next day there was a huge area of red stained pavement where the deer were freaking out the night before. Apparently not everyone was able to avoid those nutty deer. No bodies were around so I suspect someone that lives near there is enjoying some venison by now.


Naquillity said…
we had some snow too. about an inch or two, i guess. wish it had been more though. sounds like you & Carrie had a nice dinner. love all your pictures. you captured the snow falling perfectly. hate to hear the deer had such a bad night. hope all is well. have a great night~
I love watching the deer, but not when they want to cross in front of my car!
Jan said…
Seeing all the snow today on the internet reminded me of why I moved away from it. When snow comes in "warm" I may move back.
srp said…
We got what I would call a dusting.. but also some ice so there was black ice on the roads on Sunday. You got a LOT more than we did!

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