Snowy Hike on Sunday

I went on two hikes in the snow this past weekend.

The picture to the left was from a late breakfast. I prepped the sausage and Carrie put the croissants together. They were quite tasty though most of the cheese leaked out.

One of the hikes was on Saturday when it was snowing fairly heavily. The snowfall didn't last long but we did end up with somewhere close to two inches. I must admit though that it was quite fluffy stuff.

The second hike was at Occoneechee Mountain on Sunday. By then the snow was melting but still pretty. It's very unusual to have so many snow days here in NC in December.

The temperature on Sunday was still pretty cold, not much above freezing, but the sun was bright enough to warm the ground. The three pictures below were taken on Sunday at Occoneechee.


srp said…
And here we only had rain with scattered snowflakes! More snow south of us.
Naquillity said…
we received some snow last night on top of what we already had and i'm lovin' it. your hike looks like a beautiful place. hope all is well.

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