Day after Xmas

I went down south for Christmas this year. Like usual.

In the wee hours of Friday morning I drove down to my father's place in SC so I'd get there before holiday traffic ramped up. It was still pretty quiet on the roads when I rolled into Dad's place at 7:45am.

The picture over there is from Xmas evening. It didn't snow here until pretty late---around 5pm, I'd say.

Earlier in the day I was at my brother's house near Atlanta. My Dad and I drove down there for Christmas. All 3 of my nephews were home for the holidays and that doesn't happen very often anymore now that two of them are out of school. And so we wanted to get together for the day.

We might have stayed longer except for the bad weather outlook. Snow on Christmas, the first time in 17 years for Atlanta, and more snow expected on Sunday. Driving in snow in the south isn't a good idea---people can get a little weird.

So we unwrapped presents in the morning, then sat around and talked a bit, then went to the garage for a few hours to play pool. Then we had dinner at 4pm.

The snow had started to fall around noon but it wasn't very serious until around 3pm. By the time we hit the road at 5:15 there was nearly an inch of snow accumulated on the ground but nothing was sticking to the road yet.

The departure was so sudden that I was still chewing ham as I walked out the door. Some people worry a lot about road conditions. And no, I wasn't the worrier.

Fortunately, despite steady snowfall the entire way, the road was only wet, never icy. And we got back to SC only 15 minutes slower than the trip down to GA that morning.

And there was barely any snow on the ground here.

As you can see on the picture above of my father's deck, we didn't even get an inch of accumulation here. I was hoping to go out this morning in my kayak and get great pictures of snowy banks in the midst of flurries of snow. Not a chance. It was almost all gone by the morning. :-(

So I made some cookies instead. Phooey. And up in NC where I live they got a lot of snow. Over 8 inches, I think.

The computer here can't read the picture card from my dSLR so I have to wait until I get home to see those pictures. The ones here are from my small Panasonic camera.


srp said…
We got a little over ten inches at least and it is still flurrying or rather light snow since another half inch has come down since I shoveled behind the car. I have to take Nyssa to the airport tomorrow to fly to Chicago and they have cancelled all the flights before hers... but not hers yet. I dread that drive, as we will likely get there and then they will cancel the flight.
GA Girl said…
You have your car back - that was quick.
tiff said…
Happy New Year!

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