Cold December

Here in NC we've had a very mild season so far. But December first seems to be bringing new weather to town.

As you can see in the picture over there, we've got a lot of nights of below freezing weather about to hit. I can't say that I'm happy about that but at least it waited this long to arrive.

The weather has been very mild with the exception of a few nights here and there. My electric bills have been almost pleasant to see. Hell, my heat didn't turn on even once all last night---but that's about to chance with the sub-30 degree temperatures that are coming in.

In other news, Thanksgiving last week was unusual for me.

For one thing, I didn't spend the day with relatives. This is the first Thanksgiving in over 20 years that I didn't spend with my family. Instead, I spent it with the family of my girlfriend.

And to celebrate this change in venue, I got a puffy eye. The picture there to the left was taken around 10 minutes after my girlfriend's daughter's dog lunged at my face and gave me that bruise. Now, a week later, it's puffy and yellow with some mild red streakiness to it. But at least it's not a real black eye.

Despite the animal attack, it was nice to go to Thanksgiving there. If nothing else, it was a lot quicker. The drive there took me 10 minutes. Had I gone to my brother's house the drive would have taken over 6 hours. And in a few weeks I'll be making that drive anyway to join the family Xmas celebration.


GA Girl said…
Gee - cats like it whey you look them in the eye - another item to add to the loog list of 'why cats are better than dogs' :o)
srp said…
The word for our weather is "schizophrenic".... in the 40's one day, up to the 70's the next then down to 31 the same night. This morning it was 69 and tonight it is supposed to be 31... yes, schizophrenic.
utenzi said…
Long list? Ha! Cats are nasty. They just shed slimy stuff all over and sleep with their butt on your face. Cat butt. *shudder*

The Latin behind "schzophrenic" is "two minds" and that sure does describe the weather now.
GA Girl said…
Hey - their 'slimy stuff' doesn't compare to doggy drool!

Cats just don't want you to be cold...thoughful of them (and on the loong list).
utenzi said…
What's up with all the typos, GG? Your fingers must be cold. Or covered with icky cat slime.
GA Girl said…
No such thing as 'icky cat slime' and they don't scrape their butts across the living room carpet either. And they don't hump legs - want me to go on?
Naquillity said…
i dread the colder temps but want a BIG snow badly. we only got about an inch yesterday, if that. i'm sorry to hear about the dog attack. hope your eye hasn't hurt to much. and, are those your new glasses you're wearing? have a great day.

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