Burning House

It's not my house that is burning down, it's the show House. Apparently critics are starting to take notice that the writing on the show is in a death spiral. No doubt the sexual and romantic relationship between Cuddy and House this season will be viewed later as the handwriting on the wall. I don't know if it constitutes a true Jumping the Shark moment, but their being in bed together at the beginning of this season must be close.

The other reason for the word "Burn" in the title of this post is a more promising one. Burn Notice starts up again this coming Thursday. I liked last season almost as much as the first season and a lot more than the seasons between. I hope this coming season holds the line. Program it in: 10 pm on USA Network.

If anyone cares, that annoying Conan O'Brien is making his debut on TBS tonight. He's got a slot between 11pm and midnight.


srp said…
Do you find it difficult to tell when seasons begin and end on shows these days? They start and do several new ones then stop and do a few re-runs and then start again... it is so hard to follow this way.

I give up. It is football for me.

I have worked with some doctors who had bad bedside manners and one of my mom's doctors is getting close to the bedside manners of House... but NEVER any as rude as he is. Never really liked the show. The idea that a doctor would act like he does, take dope by the score as he does and do such dangerous tests in abundance as he does with no thought of malpractice. Well. This just isn't real.

I have heard the idea that on any show where the two main leads have this tension between them.. the love/ hate... relationship... if the writers put them together it is the kiss of death for the show.
kenju said…
I think SRP is right regarding the kiss of death. I know that happened on several shows - Moonlighting is one that comes to mind.
Scarlet said…
I love Burn Notice, but I've only seen the first season cos that's all I can find in the DVD shops over here.

Can't wait to see more of it!!!
Carmi said…
The prototypical jump the shark moment...Fonzie would be so proud!

I'm guessing House has already hit that inflection point and once it's gone, it's gone. This further reinforces my belief that television has become a vast wasteland. There's so little good stuff on. And when it is, it's difficult to find.

DVD box sets for me.
GA Girl said…
I didn't want it to be true but this week's show confirmed it. The writing is getting sloppy and the plots are loose. Stupid wedding thrown in just for convenience. I'll miss 'House' :o(
Naquillity said…
i quit watching House when they brought all those extra interns on the show. they ruined it for me. i quit watching Burn Notice only because i kept forgetting it was on. if i could get caught up on all the seasons again i'd love to watch it. don't care for late night tv. hope all is well. have a great day.

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