Every year I delay using A/C in the warmer months and heat in the colder months. This year hasn't been an exception to that.

Most of last week it ranged from 56 to 58 in my house. A bit on the cool side but nothing really bad. I spent the weekend at my girlfriend's house and when I returned to my house at 5pm on Sunday it was to find the house had cooled further. Down to 51.2 degrees, to be exact.

That was the limit. I don't like it to go under 55 so I turned on the heating system within 5 minutes of getting home. Brrr! Now it's a toasty 62 in here and I'll probably turn it up to 65 tomorrow. It takes a while for the house to warm up so I'm gradually getting it used to the idea, you see.

It was supposed to go below freezing last night but I don't know if it did or not. There was a little ice on Carrie's deck but it didn't feel all that bad outside when we went hiking at 9am. Probably around 45f. But a couple of cold nights really dropped the temp in my house.

Tomorrow morning I have a doctor's appointment. I have a feeling she's going to tell me to lose more weight. Probably around 12-15 pounds. More hiking and less eating, I guess. I'm at 192 now and I should be around 182... or even less. That's not going to make this a fun winter. :-(


Carmi said…
I'm like you: If I can get away without using energy to create either coolness or heat, I will. It's easier to make some iced tea or lay on an extra sweater than it is to hit the thermostat.

Hope your doc's appointment went well. She sounds like she's been speaking to mine, too!
Naquillity said…
i can't believe you let your house get that cold. i couldn't stand those cold temps. i'm the type of person who likes to be warm. hope your doctor's appointment goes well. if you need extra support in the exercise department i'd be glad to help. i've been exercising since the end of September and wouldn't mind checking to see if you're on track.

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