New TV Shows

In what is quite a surprise to me, my favorite of the new shows is Chase, an NBC police procedural about the US Marshal Service.

A lot of the appeal is generated by the female lead, Kelli Giddish, who stars as U.S. Marshal Annie Frost.

It's difficult to believe that the actress is only 30. She looks and holds the screen like a performer with a lot more experience. Just look at all those "determination" lines around her mouth and eyes! Talk about sexy. Or is it the gun and badge? LOL the leather jacket doesn't hurt either!

Lone Star, another series with a Texas hook, seems to be canceled after just two episodes. It was a very good show but I had already decided to stop recording it. The story line just looked to be getting too convoluted and The Event is my show this season for convoluted plot lines. I don't need two like that.

I've already deleted from my record list Running Wilde and No Ordinary Family, both after just watching one episode. They were horrible. At least Wilde has the cute and perky Kerri Russell on it. But that's not nearly enough---the show just stinks.

I like several of the people in Better With You but that only lasted 2 episodes before I stopped recording it. The mom from The 70's Show is on it. I'm still recording The Defenders but it's hanging by a thread. Both stars (Jerry O'Connell and Jim Belushi) are so annoying I keep hoping one of their clients shoots them.

Last night I watched the final episode of the first season of The Glades. I love that show. I hope the show avoids the Sophomore Jinx when it comes back in 2011 on A&E (of all places).
The series will go back into production later this year on 13 additional episodes, set for 2011.

A&E boasts that for the season to date, "The Glades" has averaged 3.2 million total viewers for each premiere episode, becoming the network's No. 1 series in total viewers and making A&E the top ad-supported cable network on Sunday nights, A&E says. "We're pleased that the series has struck a chord with fans," adds president and general manager Bob DiBitetto.


GA Girl said…
I've recorded a bunch of shows, but not watched any yet, except House and Amazing Race. The House story line may be interesting, I wonder how long he'll be 'nice'? I always knew there was a 'sweet' guy under the rough exterior LOL.
tiff said…
I think I might be happier without a DVR. That's way too much responsibility!
Scarlet said…
They sound like great shows! here on the rock I don't get much TV. I've only just discovered Glee!!
Anonymous said…
Hey, I can't view your site properly within Opera, I actually hope you look into fixing this.

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