Wounded in Action

Dogs are dangerous.

See my lip? Torn up it is. Do you wonder how it got that way?

Just take a gander at the picture below and you'll see the oaf that inflicted the injury on my person.

The obvious conclusion was that I was lifting the dog, it struggled, and my mouth got struck during the fracas. But no, it wasn't like that at all. All I was doing was sitting in a chair eating my dinner and the dog tried to jump in my lap.

Do you see the size of that damn thing?!? Needless to say it didn't fit and my mouth got whacked by the dog's head during the attempt to fit onto my lap. Dogs!

Another interesting thing about that picture. Until I saw the picture up there I didn't realize how different the wear pattern was on my teeth. It looks like I use the teeth on one side of my mouth a lot more than the ones on the other. Odd.

I'll have to pay more attention when I'm biting things and see if I can notice myself preferring one side over the other.

In other matters, that picture up there is already out of date. I shaved off the sides of my beard this morning and I'm back to having a goatee. I might get rid of that too.

Hair has been annoying to me lately. I'm in favor of shaving it all off---but I'm doing it in short stages just in case I change my mind.


srp said…
Thank goodness the dog isn't a Great Dane!!!!!!!!!!
kenju said…
Animals can inflict all kinds of injury without meaning to. My cats only have rear claws, but they can stick them in my legs when they jump off my lap, especially if they are surprised or scared and have to move quickly. Hope your lip heals soon, and I prefer no facial hair - not that you care - LOL
utenzi said…
I care very deeply about everything. :-)
That dog is gorgeous though! Big fella. My cat also scratches me with her back claws sometimes. She doesn't mean to, it just happens.
tiff said…
why had I not realized that you had a dog?

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