Toy in the Mail

The Kindle that I mentioned yesterday arrived today. Pretty damn fast.

This is the box it came in. Nice and compact. Amazon is getting pretty good with its packaging.

As you can see in the picture below, it was extremely easy to open. Just rip a tab on the end and then lift the lid. That was it.

The painful part was setting up the wireless network that I needed to download books onto my new Kindle. A few weeks ago I "switched" from Roadrunner to AT&T but I never bothered to actually do it. So tonight that was the task I had to do so I could play with my new toy.

I was impressed with how easy the AT&T setup should have worked. Unfortunately I have a Linux OS and not Windows or Mac. Let's just say that things got complicated and I had to call up the Helpline folk to find out how to work around the OS problem. It took a while on hold but once I was connected to a human, he just had me input website IP numbers directly and that made everything work just fine.

It still took a while but my connection with AT&T is a bit faster than Roadrunner and a lot less expensive. I'll cancel my Roadrunner service tomorrow. :-)

So far I really like my Kindle and I was amazed at how fast books download. It only takes seconds!


Scarlet said…
How many books does your Kindle hold?

Certainly looks like a nifty piece of technology!

I'm super impressed that you managed to get it set up and going in one night!! I'd have to get the 12 year old from next door in to do that for me! :o)
utenzi said…
I've got 92 books on it so far, Scarlet. All free ones. Mostly older but some recent that are out for promotional reasons.
GA Girl said…
With all the books you read this should be great for you!
Nikki-ann said…
I have my Kindle now too! :)

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