Pictures while Hiking

I delayed my evening hike at Occoneechee a little bit tonight.

As a result, it was getting pretty damn dark by the time I was doing my second loop around the trail.

That's what made it weird that this big boy was still on the trail. My vision wasn't very good since in the low light I had trouble seeing slight color variations.

As a result, I almost stepped on the snake. His sudden move to get away is what made me notice him. Otherwise I'd never have seen him at all.

And isn't he pretty?

The darkness made it a lot easier to take macro shots of this plant.

The flash lit up the parts I wanted to take the picture of and the rest of the scene was too dark to be seen. Nice.

I love how startling white the puffy parts are. It's like a dandelion top.


srp said…
Pretty snake? NO... I don't care if poisonous or not.. snakes give me the shivers. Not much else does but snakes do.
Thumper said…
I'm pretty sure I would have wet myself upon stumbling across that snake...
GA Girl said…
Beautiful copperhead!
Scarlet said…
Argghhh! Snake!!!!

Yes he is pretty, but is he really a Copperhead? In Australia, Copperheads are deadly!!!

Once again some beautiful shots Dave!
Would love to hear more about your evening hikes.
utenzi said…
In Australia practically everything is deadly. You even have bugs that can kill you. Scary place! Copperheads here are poisonous but normally wouldn't kill a full size adult.

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