A Pair

How's this for a pair of bugs. One small and kinda cute in a buggy way and the other huge and icky. It's like a hummingbird bug. It hovers at a flower and that long tongue goes in then off it flies to find another flower. *shudder*

As Roxanne points out in the comments, the "cute bug" is a cucumber beetle and apparently they're bad news. Since I took the picture at a botanical garden, it's not my problem. :-)


srp said…
That cute little bug in the bottom picture is a really nasty cucumber beetle. It tries to look like a ladybug but it is NOT helpful. Instead of eating aphids, it eats the leaves and flowers of plants... not just cucumbers either. I squish them now.
kenju said…
Love the flowers - ugh to the bugs.
GA Girl said…
The big one is a hummingbird moth.
tiff said…
Love the big ol' moth!

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