Paddling after Work

I did a lot of hiking this past weekend but no paddling.

So I decided that paddling after work today was an excellent idea.

As you can see from this picture, the setting was quite lovely. Unfortunately I was stuck in a canoe with the world's worst paddler. This guy was a public menace!

Whichever side of the canoe he was paddling on, he scooted all the way over to the edge of the canoe. I was doing all I could to keep us from tipping over. At times I couldn't paddle because I was holding the sides of the boat as I leaned over the edge to keep from capsizing.

And despite being out there for 2 hours, he never got any better. If anything, as he tired out (the wimp!) he just got worse.

The lack of paddling pictures is because I never dared pull out my camera. We were in constant danger of going over. Grrrrrr.


Scarlet said…
Paddling, of any kind, after work sounds glorious! ;o)
And that house on the water looks divine! What a great shot!

Sorry some fools stupidity made hard work for you. Might I suggest taking along your single man kayak next time?
Michael Manning said…
Paddling is definitely an acquired talent, Utenzi! :)

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